Designs~: Jurina icons and a tag


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So I was bored, and decided to whip up some icons and a tag.

Do comment if you decide to use it.

~Overall 2011 48 Ranking~


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~2011 RANKING~

Team Colors: A K B 4 8 / KKS : : S K E 4 8 : : N M B 48 / KKS

//. Takahashi Minami / Takamina : Realized Takamina is someone whom I always respect and love no matter what. She’ll always just be in top for me no matter what. So no ranking for her.
Also note: the rank name is what counts. Not who is above who.


  • Matsui Jurina / Jurina

::Oshi Oshi::

  • Shimada Haruka / Haruu

::Oishi Oshiness::

  • Itano Tomomi / Tomochin
  • Sato Sumire / Suuchan
  • Sato Amina / Amina


  •  Katayama Haruka / Haachan
  •  Yokoyama Yui / Yui
  •  Umeda Ayaka / Umechan
  •  Yamauchi Suzuran / Ranran
  •  Yagami Kumi / Kuumin

::I like you a lot::

  •  Kasai Tomomi / Chiyuu
  •  Furukawa Airi / Airin
  •  Sashihara Rino / Sasshi
  •  Takeuchi Miyu / Miyumiyu
  •  Kashiwagi Yuki / Yukirin
  •  Kikuchi Ayaka / Ayarin
  •  Takahashi Juri / Juri
  •  Kawaei Rina / Ricchan

::I like you::

  • Oshima Yuko / Yuko
  • Maeda Atsuko / Acchan
  • Akimoto Sayaka / Sayaka
  • Miyazawa Sae / Sae
  • Maeda Ami / Aamin
  • Shimazaki Haruka / Paruru
  • Nakamata Shiori / Nakamatta
  • Hirata Rikako / Rikki
  • Mistumune Kaoru / Kaoru
  • Shinoda Mariko / Mariko-sama
  • Suzuki Shihori / Shihorin
  • Fujie Reina / Reinyan
  • Kitahara Rie / Kitarie
  • Nito Moeno / Moeno

::Your in Team 4! So by default I like you anyways even if I don’t know you so well!::

  • Iriyama Anna / Annin
  • Nagao Mariya / Mariyagi
  • Abe Maria / Maria
  • Nakamura Mariko / Komari

::I sort of like you::

  • Ogiso Shiori / Shiorin
  • Wakabayashi Tomoka / Tomonyan
  • Kinoshita Yukiko / Yukko
  • Kuwabara Mizuki / Mizuki
  • Yamaguchi Yuuki / Yuupi
  • Oya Shizuka / Shiitan
  • Yamamoto Sayaka / Sayanee
  • Nakaya Sayaka / Nakayan
  • Suda Akari / Akarin
  • Takajo Aki / Akicha
  • Nakato Chisato / Chiichan

::I’m not sure about you::

  • Jo Eriko / Jo
  • Jonishi Kei / Keicchi
  • Oba Mina / Minarun
  • Hata Sawako / Shawako
  • Iwasa Misaki / Wasamin
  • Matsui Sakiko / Sakkipe

::I have like no interest in you at the moment::

  • Oota Aika / Lovetan
  • Nakagawa Haruka / Harugon
  • Hirajima Natsumi / Nacchan
  • Uchida Mayumi / Mayucchi
  • Komori Mika / Mikapon
  • Watanabe Miyuki / Milky
  • Yamada Nana / Nana
  • Kojima Haruna / Kojiharu

::You sort of creep me out::

  • Kimoto Kanon / Non

::I like you sometimes but mostly you annoy me::

  • Watanabe Mayu / Mayuyu
  • Kizaki Yuria / Yuria
  • Minegishi Minami / Miichan
  • Ichikawa Miori / Miorin
  • Kuramochi Asuka / Mocchi
  • Takayangi Akane / Churi

::I dislike you::

  • Matsui Rena / Rena
My ranking pretty much fluctuates a lot after the top ten. But comparing that i started in this fandom last year knowing only senbatsu members, i think i’ve come a long way. i still have a long way to go actually but hope 2012 ranking will have changes, at least the bottom ones.

Random Rant #10 ~AKB Kouhaku~


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So yesterday, AKB live streamed their Kouhaku event and while my net kept annoying me so much, I still loved it. All that shuffles. Omg. *_* And “Shirogumi” winning. Of course, with such spectacular performances.

Some of the highlights of the event according to me:

  • Sasshi (Sashihara Rino) performing “Dear J” was epic.
  • Haruu (Shimada Haruka) in “Seifuku Resistance“. You were perfect baby <3
  • Amina (Sato Amina) and Ayarin (Kikuchi Ayaka) in “Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate“. Amazing <3
  • Suuchan (Sato Sumire) of all people looking sexy as hell was performing “Blue Rose“. Oh my god. :’)
  • Mitsumune Kaoru the 13th generation Kenkyuusei in “Heart Gata Virus“. She absolutely looks like a British. She got pushed a lot.
  • SKE48 performing NMB’s “Oh My God” while NMB48 performing SKE’s “Pareo wa Emarald“! Jurina looked so cute in the Seifuku.
  • JKT48 performing “Aitakatta” in Indonesian.
  • And of course, the Jurina (Matsui Jurina) x Mayuyu (Watanabe Mayu) duet in “Temodemo no Namida“.
  • Acchan (Maeda Atsuko) getting “Kareha no Station” was such a bad decision. Still feel very bad for her.

Need a RIP of this soon!

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48 Wota Wallpaper


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I think I just died. @_@

Anyways 48 wota wallpaper!

If you are wondering what those letters are behind, the all capital ones are my favorite songs and members /biased.
The small all capital ones are songs. And the none capital ones are nicknames of members. YEAH I TYPED THEM ALL.
I was thinking about color coordinating  the member names with their team colors but after typing it all, I’d rather die.
The 48 wota is my crappy handwriting. I wanted something original.
The wallpaper is basically for myself but also to the wotas out there. Keep the fandom strong people.
The costumes are courtsey of
You can check out more of the AKB’s costume designs from 4colored here :

Top Row: Sakura no Shiori, Aitakatta and Beginner
2nd Row: Flying Get and RIVER
3rd Row: Heavy Rotation and Everyday, Katyusha
Last: Kaze wa Fuiteiru

2560x1600 Resolution

This is going to be my wallpaper forever. <3

Random Rants #9 ~Pottermore, November and Sickness~


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POTTERMORE TROLLED ME! asdfgasdfgasdfg :X

It was suppose to open in October but they delayed it to NEXT MONTH! ;_; I also caught a cold today…. yaay me! This just sucks. Why all of a sudden? WHY!? I’ve been keeping myself warm everyday so why did I get sick? My head is pounding as I write this. And college in the morning. Great, that’s such a bummer.

It’s getting colder here as well. Since I fall in the cold blooded category (yes, you saw this right) my feet are freezing. Whether I wear socks or not. ;A; I feel a bit feverish as well.

Happy November
Today is 1-11-2011 by the way!
On which I became sick. Bad luck day for me

-End of rant-

Random Rants #8 ~Happy Tihar!~


Yaaaay its Tihar and I made the rangoli today! :) It was actually suppose to look like this

But well I’m not perfect. :/

Here are the pictures!

My house

The rangoli I made which sort of was suppose to look not like this

Happy Tihar Everyone!

KazeFu sells a million….


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……which comes as no surprise. KazeFu even surpassed FurageFlying Get“‘s first day sales which comes as no surprise either. What actually came as a surprise for me is, that it only surpassed Furage by 20K. I expected like around 1.1 million first day but whatever. AKB48 still managed to break their own record again.

Kaze wa Fuiteiru“‘s first day sales were……….*drum rolls please*


Yaaaayy 48 domination!!!

Random Rants #7 ~KazeFu~


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Yes yes “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” releases tomorrow! OMG! This obviously means AKB48 will be shattering the charts into pieces again. The most exciting part of it.

The KazeFu PV sucked btw . It was low quality and they were talking in between, the monster wasn’t helping. >.> But the b-sides “Kimi no Senaka” and “Vamos” are good songs and both the PV were okay. Haruu gets so much of screen time in Vamos. :D Now on the other hand “Gondola Lift” was amazing. OMFG AMINA !!!

These are Jurina photos found in the theater version. *oshiness*

Can you even tell she’s 14? I can’t. O.o

-End of this Rant-

Random Rants #6 ~Un-Go and Guilty Crown~


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Un-Go and Guilty Crown are the fall animes of this year which I am currently watching. Both of them are based in the distant future in Japan which has a warped society. Both deal with sci-fi and supernatural genre. Un-Go is mystery and detective as well.

GC reminded me a lot of Code Geass. The plot line is sort of similar. Not character of course. Lelouch and Shu have vast difference. Maybe that’s why I like GC. Code Geass was a freaking good anime. But let’s see how episode 2 goes. For now, both the anime have been keeping me on edge.

Guilty Crown (GC) – Code Geass (CG)

Coincidence much? O.o

On the other hand I found this scan of Shu and Inori from GC and I had to make something. Here is my fruitless effort:

No Stealing!