My Wishlist

Yeah this is my wishlist – things I want which I know I will not be getting anytime soon but hoping I will.

  • Kaze wa Fuiteiru – AKB48 23rd single: With dollar price suddenly just rose up like out of random, this might be on hold :( Baah after listening to b-sides, naah.
  • 1 TB or 500 GB external hard drive: I’m running out of space in mine. I need a new one!  Got it :D
  • New cellphone: As I’ve said on my post – mine got locked and using dad’s old one. My parent are not going to buy me a new one anytime soon. ><
  • New snow boots: I loooooveee snow boots. They are so fun to wear. This item I am most probably buying when winter starts here and nice snow boots come on sale. Bought a brown one. :D
  • Kindle: Reading e-books on the laptop makes my head ache.
  • Play Station 3: I want one so badly!
  • Nintendo 3DS: Just so I can playProfessor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright game. Because I love Phoenix Wright. :)

Half of these things, I doubt I will get it right now. (-_-)


3 thoughts on “My Wishlist”

  1. around NRs:1,00,000/-

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