Huh? What’s a otaku or oshi?

Well as I’ve mentioned before, I blog about all sorts of random crap here. I don’t blog anything in particular so I think I will have various types of reader. In case you all decide to check out my other posts, you might get stumped with the words that I have used so to make it easy, I’ll post the terms and meaning here.

Associated with AKB, SKE, etc

Senbatsu – Members who are in the A-side of the single

Oshimen – Your #1 member in the group [can be just oshi for short]

Warota – Short form of Watarirouka Hashiritai [AKB48 subunit]

Aki-P – Akimoto Yasushi, creator and producer of all the groups that fall under Project48.


Otaku – Nerd or geek who is into Japanese animation and comics

Wota – Like otaku, it is used for those who like idol groups.

PV – Promotional Video

Momosu – Shortened of Morning Musume

I think this will help new fans as well. I will add more as I go on writing more.

2 thoughts on “Huh? What’s a otaku or oshi?”

  1. Morning Musume is shortened as Momusu, actually. Comes from MOrning MUSUme.

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