Artists I Love/Like~

Love them:

  1. AKB48: Duh! Became a fan since last year
  2. Namie Amuro: The queen of Japanese pop, since 2005
  3. Utada Hikaru: Another reigning queen of J-pop, since 2005 as well
  4. Mika Nakashima: Her voice! Its one of the best!
  5. Shoujo Jidai / Girls’ Generation: Liked them from their Genie era back in 2009
  6. AAA: Since 2009
  7. Paramore: I hate Twilight but loved Decode, since then I’m a fan.
  8. Hey Monday!: Since their debut album
  9. BENI: Ever since she switched to Avex, love her more.
  10. BoA: My idol when was I small. When are you releasing new things BoA? Its been ages.
  11. girl next door: From their debut till now!
  12. Perfume: Nakata Yasutaka is a genius producer.
  13. Kimura Kaela: Tree Climbers and Beat are my all time favorite songs! I love her songs!
  14. YUI: Can’t leave her out now Can I?
  15. Jin Akanishi: OMG. I LOVE HIM! <3
  16. Yamashita Tomohisa: I LOVE HIM AS WELL! <3
  17. Do As Infinity: since waaaay back in 2004 due to the opening they did for InuYasha (Fukai Mori)
  18. SKE48: Where my oshi reigns :)

Like them:

  1. Hamasaki Ayumi: The empress of them all but I prefer Namie and Utada :3
  2. SCANDAL: Ever since they did the opening for Bleach (Shoujo S)
  3. Morning Musume.: MOMOSU! No more Ai :(
  4. aiko: Love some of her songs
  5. Ai Otsuka: Used to love her but now just like her
  6. Mizuki Nana: Fan since last year
  7. Nakagawa Shoko: Her anime cover albums!
  8. Kikkawa Yuu: Since her debut which was some months ago
  9. Miwa: Due to opening for Bleach as well (Change)
  10. Every Little Thing: Just listened to them but now like them
  11. KARA: Just recently actually, when they debuted in Japan
  12. Kyari Pamyu Pamyu: Another Nakata Yasutaka creation!
  13. NMB48: I just like them.
  14. Arashi: Oh-chan <3
  15. Demi Lovato: Her new album demoted her to this >.>
  16. Taylor Swift: Her songs are addictive but not forever :)

2 thoughts on “Artists I Love/Like~”

  1. OOOOH I began loving AAA since 2009 too!!!
    I am not that big on AAA anymore but I still do keep up with them sometimes :3

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