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I think I just died. @_@

Anyways 48 wota wallpaper!

If you are wondering what those letters are behind, the all capital ones are my favorite songs and members /biased.
The small all capital ones are songs. And the none capital ones are nicknames of members. YEAH I TYPED THEM ALL.
I was thinking about color coordinating  the member names with their team colors but after typing it all, I’d rather die.
The 48 wota is my crappy handwriting. I wanted something original.
The wallpaper is basically for myself but also to the wotas out there. Keep the fandom strong people.
The costumes are courtsey of http://4coloredcorner.tumblr.com/
You can check out more of the AKB’s costume designs from 4colored here : http://4coloredcorner.tumblr.com/post/13557311372/im-gonna-print-it-soon-last-time-some-people

Top Row: Sakura no Shiori, Aitakatta and Beginner
2nd Row: Flying Get and RIVER
3rd Row: Heavy Rotation and Everyday, Katyusha
Last: Kaze wa Fuiteiru

2560x1600 Resolution

This is going to be my wallpaper forever. <3