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Un-Go and Guilty Crown are the fall animes of this year which I am currently watching. Both of them are based in the distant future in Japan which has a warped society. Both deal with sci-fi and supernatural genre. Un-Go is mystery and detective as well.

GC reminded me a lot of Code Geass. The plot line is sort of similar. Not character of course. Lelouch and Shu have vast difference. Maybe that’s why I like GC. Code Geass was a freaking good anime. But let’s see how episode 2 goes. For now, both the anime have been keeping me on edge.

Guilty Crown (GC) – Code Geass (CG)

Coincidence much? O.o

On the other hand I found this scan of Shu and Inori from GC and I had to make something. Here is my fruitless effort:

No Stealing!