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College started yesterday!!


It was freaking boring. The lack of sleep made me ever drowsier and bored.

Also also I AM BACK GFX-ING! (Or I am trying to)

I used to design so many things in Photoshop. I started back when I was in 8th grade and somewhere around 12th grade, I lost my inspiration, hadn’t touched PS at all after that. Yesterday, I did. I’ve forgotten many tricks to designing (of course the basics are still there.) So I downloaded some textures, brushes and fonts today and played a bit in PS.

Here’s my crappy design I made today:

Don't Steal, otherwise I will kill you.

I also have two vector projects pending (what’s a vector? ——>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics).

Trying to vector Hatsune Miku but fukkk her hair. Good thing I completed the line art, though its still not complete.

What the hell made me decide to vector this image?

And last but not the least,

Team 4 1st Stage
[Boku no Taiyou]

download is complete! But I haven’t had the time to complete. I might post my verdict on this later.

-End of Rant #3-