That was my birthday cake. Chocolate oozing covered cake! Which I have already finished. =D Yeah, so I’m one year more older than before. Gone are my teenage years. Now I need to start being serious and look for a job….. not. Haha so what if I’m not a teenager anymore? Yes I need to be a little bit more mature but not so serious that I forget to have fun. Cheers to all the 20 years old out there.

Now today is the Team 4 stage of which I’m hoping there is Live on Demand filmed. Ahh have to download that. Also watching Shakugan no Shana right now. Want to finish it and began Shana II. More downloading to do. Aye aye yaiii~

-End of this rant-

Major EDIT:

Just announced Shimada Haruka has been made the captain of Team 4 for the time being. If you didn’t know, she’s in my top 10 and ranks #3. I’m so proud of you Haruu! So so proud!!! FREAKING HELL YEAH!

-Now the actual end to my rant-