Found this game here and thought it’d be fun. :D

Rules: Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem/song that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title

In the round tent (Ren’ai Circus – AKB48 Team B)
There’s no next time for your amazing tricks, pity, my bad boy (Run Devil Run – Shoujo Jidai)
From today you’ll be supporting Harukyan! Check out Team B (Team B Oshi – AKB48 Team B)
I’ve missed you, I’ve missed you (Aitakatta – AKB48)

Hurry, hurry, my heart’s in a hurry (Love Survive – SCANDAL)
If something makes you a bit sad, close your eyes (Mikazuki no Senaka – NMB48)
Oh oh oh oh oh (Bad Girl – Shoujo Jidai)
Somewhere at this meeting there was a certain strange feeling (Beautiful Stranger – Shoujo Jidai)

If all of us went skipping in that crossing (Ponponpon – Kyari Pamyu Pamyu)
We walked slowly, Along the riverbank (Dakishimecha Ikenai – AKB48)
Even on nights when a ball of sadness is fired through you (Alive – AKB48 Team K)

Somewhere in the world, Somebody’s waiting for you (AKB48 Team K)
Grab my hands that only you can hold and we’ll go away (The Great Escape – Shoujo Jidai)
Even if my love reaches the breaking point, 1/3 of it won’t reach (1/3 Junjou no Kanjou – Buono! [Siam Shade cover])
Somebody says you gotta run, Who knows the way? Nobody knows (Run For You – KAT – TUN)


So much of Shoujo Jidai and AKB. :O (Totally not surprised)