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So Shoujo Jidai / SNSD is making their come back in Korea with “The Boys” on October 5th. They have been releasing the concept photos of the girls and some look absolutely fabulous. Now Shoujo Jidai and KARA are the only one whom I actually listen from Hallyu wave in which I still prefer SJJD more than KARA. Others too but very selective.
The concept is something about fairy tales and the ones in my opinion looks the best are Sooyoung and Sunny, also Hyoyeon, minus the yellow blush. Taeyeon who is my favorite from the group, didn’t appeal too me much. The Victorian dress is nice but there is something lacking and didn’t really suit her like it should.

All the members are photos are out! And Yoona looks the most awesomest out of all them!

Check them out!

Covers are also out!

Cover A

Cover B