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Those who have played both these games probably have already guessed how epic this collaboration will be! The game is a collaboration between PL’s developer Level 5 Inc. (also created the awesomeness that was Dark Cloud) and the developer of PW, Capcom – one of the biggest company in the gaming industry (creator of games like the Devil May Cry series – my fave! and Resident Evil series).

These two well known companies come together to bring a collaboration between each of their best selling games, Professor Layton and Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright respectively to bring us Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright (レイトン教授 vs 逆転裁判 Reiton-kyōju vs Gyakuten Saiban). Now I loved Phoenix Wright, the whole defending client thing was a very nice virtual experience. I also liked the whole puzzle solving and brain teasing that was Professor Layton. The plot line is about a girl who is accused of being a witch. It is set on an alternative universe both from Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright’s canon universe. The game contains both the respective game’s style – solving puzzles, investigating crimes and defending your client.The game is still in production and will be out in 2012 for the Nintendo 3DS but do check out the trailer below. It is just filled with awesomeness. I squealed with excitement when I watched it the first time. :3


Characters in the game (copied from wikipedia):

  • Professor Hershel Layton (エルシャール・レイトン教授 Erushāru Reiton-kyōju), a professor who likes to solve mysteries through a series of puzzles.
  • Luke Triton (ルーク・トライトン Rūku Toraiton), the professor’s apprentice who assists him on his journeys.
  • Phoenix Wright (成歩堂 龍一 Naruhodō Ryūichi), a defense attorney who finds himself defending a woman accused of witchcraft.
  • Maya Fey (綾里 真宵 Ayasato Mayoi), a spirit medium-in-training and Wright’s assistant.
  • Story Teller (ストーリー・テラー Sutōrī Terā), the main villain of the game. Whatever story he writes with his pen becomes reality.
  • Mahoney (マホーネ Mahōne), a girl accused of being a witch.
  • Jeeken Barnrod (ジーケン・バーンロッド卿 Jīken Bānroddo), a prosecutor in the witch cases