The iPhone 5 is coming out this October and I hadn’t updated my 3 at all, so I thought why not update it before the 5 is released. But this is where my stupidity strikes. I thought I could unlock it easily (since I’m a little techie freak) and also didn’t think or bothered to look that my iOS firmware would be updated to 5.12.04 which I might add has no unlock. CRAP!
There is a way but it hasn’t worked for me so my iPhone is probably locked forever. Great. Just great. Had to go be an over smart girl didn’t you Sammy? >.<

Right now, I’m basically phone less – I’ll keep the SIM in another phone later but for now I’m phoneless. *sniff* But at least I can still use it as an iPod. Thank god for that.
Word of advice to those using iPhone 3G and 3GS: Whatever you do, do not and I mean do not update your iPhone to 4.

Damn you Apple, just damn you!

My locked phone. :( I need it!