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There I was sitting on my bed when the bed started shaking and the first thought that came into my mind was that it was something supernatural ( I know, I’ve been watching too much of animes). The first wave was just a vibration so as soon as I realized it was an earthquake, I shouted to my mother. The second wave…damn that’s where I lost all the functioning of my brain. My first ever experience of an earthquake this big and I literally froze up. It was just 30 seconds but the house was shaking so badly. 30 more seconds and I would have been a goner.

And here is the big surprise, the epicenter wasn’t even in the capital. Nope, it was way up north in Nepal – Sikkim border. A 6.8 magnitude, so when it came to the capital, it was what? 3 point something? That sort of magnitude caused 3 deaths in the capital! Imagine if the epicenter was here? Everything would be destroyed. Kathmandu is the unsafest place to be when an earthquake strikes, and I’ll give you three reasons why it is:

  1. Houses are congested and bundled up together: If you go to places like New Road and Patan, you will see how the houses are joined together and pretty old. 90% of them, I doubt have pillar systems. So yeah, those areas would go down first and trust me they are very populated areas.
  2. Kathmandu used to be a lake bed: Thaaat’s right, the valley was a lake! So what does this tell? The ground below Kathmandu is not very strong and with the pressure the houses have on the soil, well let’s say that’s not a very good thing.
  3. There is only one way out of the valley: What if that way was destroyed? And I’m sure even the tarmac of the airport will get destroyed so we’d be stuck there.

Conclusion: Lots of casualties and deaths.
This was the biggest earthquake since 1934. The 1934 8.4 magnitude earthquake had killed 8,000+ people. Since Nepal is between the Indian and Chinese tectonic plates, there are lot of seismic activities below us. There has not been an earthquake here for 90 years, the longer it prolongs, the bigger the earthquake is to be.
Quotation from Wikipedia, regarding the 1934 earthquake:

The three important towns of Nepal—Kathmandu, Bhatgaon and Patan—were severely affected and almost all the buildings collapsed. Large cracks appeared in the ground and several roads were damaged in Kathmandu.

It is just bidding its time. In other words, we’re not prepared and frankly if an earthquake came at this point, preparing now won’t help. All we can hope for is less casualties as possible and start planning to make the country earthquake proof!

But on a totally unrelated note, today is the 24th single Janken Tournment!! So excited!