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A lot of exciting season premieres this fall. And I am pretty excited about some of them.

The Big Bang Theory Season 5

The extraordinary Sheldon and his three geeky friends along with a not so geeky hot neighbor. After the whole cliff hanger in season 4, you wonder what is going to happen next. Sheldon’s character is always so hilarious. Cannot wait!

Season Premiere: 22nd September on CBS

Gossip Girl Season 5

OMG! Chuck and Blair!! Basically I am excited about GG because of Chuck and Blair, others I don’t really care. We all know she’s pregnant with Chuck’s baby. Oh come on they are meant to be together. Also with Leighton Meester quitting after this season, is this the season finale? It should be, if there is no Blair what is the point of GG?

Season Premiere: September 26th on The CW

How I Met Your Mother Season 7

I lost my interest in HIMYM fandom a long time. I mean it really is getting boring. Their just dragging it too long. CBS has also renewed it for season 8. My god. I don’t know if I will watch HIMYM or not. Let’s see.

Season Premiere: September 19th on CBS

Psych Season 6

Ah a show that will actually never get boring (along with TBBT). Now that the Ying/Yang arc is finished what will be Shawn and Gus be upto next? Which enemies will they encounter?

Season Premiere: October 12th on USA network.