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SKE48 just announced at a handshake event about their 7th single being released on 9th November. The title is “Oki Doki“. Now if i’m not wrong “doki” means heart beat (you usually see that in mangas) but I think the title is from “Okay Dokey”, it might be pun of the word doki too.  So yeah, anyways it is going to be a very cute song, I can tell. :) Yay more Juri~

On the side note, there will be a lot of releases from the 48 family and this is much more than back in August.

October releases:

12th October: Itano Tomomi – 3rd Single

19th October: NMB48 – 2nd Single

26th October: AKB48 – 23rd Single

November Releases:

2nd November: No Sleeves [no3b] – 8th Single

9th November: SKE48 – 7th single

23rd November: French Kiss – 4th single


Fans are going to be broke and this will most like affect the sales of Tomochin and the subunits.

Now the 16th November slot is still open. Maybe Not yet will fill it? :/ I really don’t think this is a very good marketing strategy but hey more 48 releases, who am I to complain?

EDIT: How could I forget about the 24th single going to be released on December? Oh boy, this 3 months we will be seeing a hell lot of releases. I bet Acchan will announce her 2nd single sometime now.