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Team A – Takahashi Minami

Name: Takahashi Minami (高橋みなみ)

Nickname(s): Takamina (たかみな)

Birthday: April 8, 1991

Current Status: Captain of Team A, [Unofficial leader of AKB48]

Former Subunit(s): Team Dragon from AKB48

Current Subunit(s): No Sleeves [no3b]

Takamina! *kyaa* XD While I don’t have an oshi from AKB, Takamina is my almost oshimen. I will always support her! And ohmygosh the bows she wears on her head! Go Takamina! <3

Team K – Minegeshi Minami

Name: Minegishi Minami (峯岸みなみ)

Nickname(s): Miichan (みいちゃん)

Birthday: November 15th, 1992

Current Status: Member of Team K

Current Subunit(s): No Sleeves [n03b]

Miichan has also been favorites of lots (not mine though). But was still sad to see her rank drop in this year’s elections (not as big as Jurina’s though). She’s cute and fun in her own way. The whole Miichan influenza was a pretty neat marketing technique as well. :B

Team B – Suzuki Shihori

Name: Suzuki Shihorin (鈴木紫帆里)

Nickname(s): Shihorin (しほりn), Hihorin (ひほりn)

Birthday: February 17, 1994

Current Status: Member of Team B

Current Subunit(s): None

Recently transferred to Team B, replacing Oku Manami, not much is known about Shihori except she’s the tallest member of the group! I don’t know if I like her or not but now that she’s a full time member, I will hopefully know soon.