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Wakaba’s father, the debtor from Ayukawa’s past and much more! Oh drama drama drama~

We left off with Wakaba ditching her engagement lunch because she was busy comforting Shota. After returning back, they ask her where she had gone to and she says she helped a “stranger” who was all drunk in the park. (Lying are we now?) Hinata does not think Wakaba wants to marry Shindo ( I am starting to love her) and Wakaba starts questioning herself but of course stubborn stubborn Wakaba. Shindo calls up and says his mother wants to have a gift exchange ceremony so now, Wakaba has to call up her estranged father (even though she tries her best so make excuses). So yeah, welcome to Tokyo, Mr. Ayukawa!

Mr. Ayukawa ends up in Wakaba’s office and the people at her office thinks he’s a plumber (damn!). Wakaba feels embarassed and sends him back to her apartment (if you can call it that.) I felt really bad for him at this point. Wakaba then has to take care of the children as it is her turn and no one is available to swap with her. The other dads thing Wakaba’s father is as evil as her. *sigh* Immature aren’t they?

The children don’t think Mr. Ayukawa looks anything like his daughter and think instead look like Pitaro’s father because he smiles like Shota. While the children are pulling and pinching Mr. Ayukawa’s face, Wakaba has to go back to office to finish some work. When she comes back, no one is at her apartment (they’ve gone to the Ru Sato) and ohmygosh who is that outside her apartment who’s eyes are shining!? I swear this part scared me a bit. Silly I know. Anyways, its the debtor who took everything from the Ayukawas. He says that things haven’t ended yet. :O

Back at Ru Sato, Wakaba’s dad asks to only have rice with soya sauce which he used to have it with Wakaba when she was small because he wants to remember their time together. He thinks of Wakaba’s health card as a lucky charm and it always makes him happy seeing it. He is happy that she is very happy but feels upset as he has always been a lousy father to Wakaba. Shota tells him thats not true and that he is the pathetic one (because of what he thought he did in the last episode), but Mr. Ayukawa tells him that Pitaro cares about him a lot even Shota isn’t his real father. Just then, the other dads come to get their children and right after their entrance, Wakaba enters as well holding some sort of paper. That paper is apparently another contract Mr. Ayukawa signed which was a trick and now he is in debt again but Shindo’s family has shouldered that debt. Wakaba scolds her dad saying how he ruins everything and leaves with Hinata. Mr. Ayukawa is left crying.

At the gift exchange ceremony, both of them profusely apologizes to the Shindo family and Wakaba promises to pay off every penny. After that, the scene changes to where Wakaba’s father is about to leave to go back home and asks Shouta to give Wakaba money that he had been saving ever since she was born. Shouta gives her that and comments on why he deposited such random number every year (2,705yen). When Mr. Ayukawa left, he bumped into Samao and Wakaba’s health card fell of his bag. Later when they realize that it’s Wakaba’s, they see that Wakaba was 2,705 gram when she was born. (Ring any bell here?)

Back on Wakaba’s side, she’s given the money statement to the debtor so she can stay away from her and her father. (oh oh) Shota calls her and tells her than he deposited that amount every year on march 14th which is Wakaba’s birthday and that money isn’t just money but love and care her father felt for her ever since she was born. Realizing her mistake, she goes back to the debtor to get it back and thankfully she does.

Shota who couldn’t give back the health card on time to Mr. Ayukawa, meets up with Wakaba and gives it to her. After a emotional conversation, Wakaba asks for his support just for now as she cries while holding him.

OMG! For some reason I found Pitaro to be very annoying in this episode. I dunno why. Maybe because I prefer Hinata more. This episode revealed a lot, how Wakaba isn’t sure about the marriage but is too stubborn to admit, more about her relationship with her father. This episode made my cry. I swear! Ayukawa’s dad was just so…… I felt so bad for him. He loves Wakaba so much. I was nearly in tears.

Till the next episode of Zenkai Girl. Ja ne!

Zenkai Girl airs every Monday on Fuji TV at 9:oo PM.


Aragaki Yui – Ayukawa Wakaba

 Nishikido Ryo – Yamada Shota