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After a single about cherry blossoms (Sakura no Ki na Narou), then a summer beach single (Everyday, Katyusha) and the newly million selling election single (Flying Get), AKB48’s 23rd single will be out on October 26th! People are already suspecting the single to be “Beginner 2.0” but that single is in its own level. I don’t want “Beginner 2.0”, but I want something that will surpass Beginner. Now Beginner is my all time favorite AKB48 song and as much as I want this single to be darker, I also want it to be something of its own level and caliber.

As for the 24th single, its slated to be released in December and like last years single Chance no Junban, this singles participants will also be decided through a Janken tournament (Rock, Paper and Scissors) but this time there will be members from SKE48 and NMB48 as well. The preliminary rounds are already done and the final round will be on September 20th at the Nippon Bokudan. Team 4s Shimada Haruka has vowed to get the center and since now that Oba Mina resigned as captain and Mori Anna quit, the newly formed Team 4 will have to do their best though as much as I hope Haruka the best, I absolutely wish Jurina to be the center.  :D That would totally make my day!

Just hope, the 23rd single does not disappoint me. Dunno how the 24th will be because I never liked Chance no Junban besides the b-side of Team A and K so my expectation about that aren’t so high. Team B got the horrible song last year, hopefully they will get a better one this time if they decide to have Team b-sides this year as well.