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A really interesting thing happened a few days ago at college. My friend, Karu Karu has a mac but she’s a little tech challenged and macs aren’t the easiest to use. So I jokingly mocked her saying she’ll be fed up with it soon and beg me to take it. Her reaction? She just pinched my cheeks so hard (that hurt by the way) and said “Don’t read me like that!”.

It was funny to me because I’ll be honest, I’ve never been able to predict anything about any of my friends. It was always the other way around. I’m the person who anyone could read like an open book and I think still can. Back in school, before I could speak on something my friends would know what I was going to say. Sometime it was pretty annoying but I guess that showed how strong bonds of friendship can be. And it really made me wonder, somehow now even I am able to read my friends (albeit not all the time). Have I changed a lot after joining college? Have I matured from that silly little girl I used to be when I was high school? Of course not! :P I still am very silly, no doubt about that. I just…..evolved, I guess. I may not be a school girl anymore but the characteristics that I’ve had will always be there. As I mature, I’m not going to change my whole personality but I’m going to evolve with the experience that I will gain.

Wonder if I met my school friends now, would they be able to read me like before? They better!