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Yeah, finally watched the Flying Get War Movie: Crimson August and I liked the whole Neo-Tokyo setting. The movie clearly showed hierarchy of the members. It reminded me a lot of Majisuka Gakuen and it looked the girls were either leaders of the Neo-Tokyo or perhaps a gang (?). The members who ranked from#2 to #11 were seated together on a higher Japanese Gazebo type place while the other members were seated kind of on the ground (JURINA T_T). Even in the dressing style, the top members were wearing traditional royal Chinese outfits while the lower ones were wearing normal Chinese outfits.

They seemed to be discussing something serious about power and what not but all I cared about was how cute Jurina looked trying to gobble up as much food as she can. And then BOOM! Enter the bad guys — and oh what is this? Their looking for Maeda? Yup, definitely Majisuka Gakuen all over again. After their henchmen are defeated bt the bad guys, AKB has no choice but fight themselves and cue the music!

This is where the PV starts. Outfits changed the girls battle them but are defeated one by one. The bad guys are about to take Acchan’s photo of the wall. Will no one save them!?
But of course, there is a savior: Acchan herself. Clad in white fighting outfit, she defeats the bad guys but what’s this again? The one behind all this was…. Yuko!? Acchan defeats Yuko and Yuko rubs her 002 tattoo and decides to leave but Acchan stops and forgives her. They hug and then there is a group hug as well. Everyone starts crying, even the bad guys which was funny. The End.

The ending was pretty much expected. Now the concept of the story wasn’t so bad, the whole Chinese Kung-fu thing and I liked the voice modifications they used on the bad guys to make them sound tougher and intimidating. I found the fight scene between Yuko and Acchan to be a little stupid. They could’ve done better but none the less a battle between them is epic for fans. It was also fun watching the mini-movie as there was more screen time for other members even if it was just talk and talk. Ahhh I cannot wait for their new single~