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Team A – Iwasa Misaki

Name: Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲)

Nickname(s): Mikka (みっか), Wasamin (わさみん)

Birthday: January 30, 1995

Current Status: Member of Team A

Subunit(s): Watarirouka Hashiritai 7

A former 7th generation Kenkyuusei, she was promoted last year to Team A . Wasamin has always been in Under Girls section of the singles and never been noticed much. I know I didn’t notice her till she joined Warota. But now I think Warota will help her gain the popularity she needs.

Team K – Akimoto Sayaka

Name: Akimoto Sayaka (秋元才加)

Nickname(s): Saaya (さあや)

Birthday: July 26th, 1988

Current Status: Captain of Team K

Subunit(s): DiVA

After the whole scandal of Sayaka last year, she had to resign as the captain of Team K but was reinstated again this year. The scandal didn’t do much good for her as she was ousted from every senbatsu. She got her chance finally in Flying Get due to the elections. Makes me wonder if Aki-P would have kept her in senbatsu either ways. Hmmm…. but that aside, vocally Sayaka is a great asset to AKB. She also has a chain of fans who are there to always support her.

Team B – Ishida Haruka

Name: Ishida Haruka (石田晴香)

Nickname: Harukyan (はるきゃん)

Birthday: December 2, 1993

Current Status: Member of Team B

Subunit(s): Natto Angels Z

I admit, I’ve never noticed her so much. To me she falls into the category of members hardly promoted and worst of all, the subunit she is in hasn’t released anything since last year. Defunct subunit? Dunno.