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*March, 16 1st generation members get selected, SKE48’s first “Team S” is formed. She started performing at the theater as a Team S member thereon.

*March 4th, she was selected again into AKB48’s 11th single “10nen Zakura” senbatsu. Since then, she was selected as a senbatsu member for all of AKB48’s singles.

*However, unsurprisingly among the fans there were voices claiming “it’s too early” for Jurina to be having that kind of activities, as well as voices still complaining about “why is she being selected for AKB48’s single senbatsu, while being an SKE48 member too” and so on. In regards to that Akimoto commented, “There seems to be a disagreement between the fans’ and the management’s point of view about Jurina’s case. The management thinks of the team 2 years, or 3 years ahead, and has to bring up its…

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Random Rant #11 ~Inspiration!~


I was sort of in a GFX block/slump. No inspiration was hitting me. I finally made something today that came out so well and I’m very happy with. I was actually going for something else but then along the way this happened which made me go omfg. ;AAA;

The original image can be found here. It’s a pixiv art. Since the girl was already sort of pinkish, I didn’t want to ruin that so extracted her with the books and sticked with that color, added some fractals, rainbow gradient, blurred it a little so it will look soft but not that soft. Yay! <3

End of this rant and hopefully my GFX slump but then again maybe another inspiration won’t hit me for a while.


~**Happy New Year 2012**~


Cannot believe, haven’t made this post yet.



Hope 2012 is as awesome as 2011. Hope everyone’s 48 fandomness is stronger than last year. Hope I overcome my 2nd year and go to 3rd year. I also turn 21 this year. Older than ever. Yaaaaay!

Also hope the world doesn’t actually REALLY end. I have too many things to do in life then just die.